Seating Arrangement: A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table facing the centre


A,  B,  C, D,  E,  F,  G and  H are sitting around a circular table facing the center. Each one of them has a different profession viz. doctor, engineer, architect, teacher, clerk, shopkeeper, businessman and banker.

A sits third to the right of the
teacher. D sits second to the left of G. G is not an immediate neighbour of the teachers. Only one person sits between B who is the shopkeeper and teacher. The one who is an architect sits third to the right of the shopkeeper. H sits between architect and engineer. E is not an immediate neighbour of H. Engineer sits third to the right of the clerk. Only one person sits between Businessman and  F. E is neither a businessman or a doctor.

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First, make 8 points. At first Place teacher and to third right A. Then it is given cannot be neighbour of teacher and D is second left to G so G has only 3 places. B is shopkeeper and only one person between B and teacher. Now B has two options second left of Teacher or Second right of Teacher. We first took the second left and Placed B. Now Architect sits third right. H sits between architect and engineer. Again we have two choices for engineer second left or second right of the architect. We chose second left. So H becomes the teacher. Now E can’t be a neighbour of H. So two places eliminated.


D sits second to the left of G so we placed D and G no other choices available. Engineer is third right of the clerk so G becomes the clerk.


Next, E also has only one choice. E cannot be businessman, doctor, engineer, architect so only one choice left, banker.


Now it is given only one person between F and businessman so A becomes businessman and F becomes architect. No other options available.


At last C has only one option so C becomes engineer and D also has only one option and becomes the doctor.


There is no contradiction what we assumed so we were correct when we took shopkeeper second left of teacher and we were also correct when we placed architect.


If any contradiction then we have to try other option also.


IDEA GENERATION: How to solve seating arrangement Questions.


  • Seating Arrangement and Puzzle Test will take time so better idea is to save time from other questions. Apply short tricks and save time for this type of questions.
  • This type of questions needs Logical and Analytical Thinking. If this then other will happen or if this then other can’t be happen
  • Start with things certain and Focus on Keywords or Points.
  • Trial and error is very important in this type of questions. Start with one alternative if it does not work then try other option
  • Try to solve different types of Q and your speed will slowly-slowly be improved.
  • This type of questions consumes lot time because if one stuck how to start or what will be the next step. Regular practice of these type of questions will solve all problems
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